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Great Bridge Christian Academy

Leading by Example
Great Bridge Christian Academy desires to send young people into the world who will be confident, devout, Christian leaders with firm moral and spiritual values by training children not only how to make a living, but more importantly – how to live it.
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Lead Pastor: Jay Baines

Principal: Dr. Brian Matney

ECD Director: Michelle Johnson

Grade Levels: K2-12th

ECD: Infant-Toddlers



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School Handbook

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School and Church Location: 700 Mt. Pleasant Rd. Chesapeake, VA 23322
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MON, Oct 15-19

Volleyball HRAC Tournament

THU, Oct 18

Picture Day (K-3-12th grade 8:30-11:30 AM) Senior Pics (12:30 PM)

TUE, Oct 23

GBCA Blood Drive in honor of Damon Jones Jr.

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About Us

Our hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities target all aspects of early childhood development, while emphasizing the love of Jesus Christ. The exposure children receive to Bible, phonics, numbers, art, music and movement, books and reading, physical education, and science, provides a wealth of experiences for the children on which to build a solid educational foundation. Our goal is to provide the highest quality program where loving kindness, gentleness, consistency, safety, and security are of utmost importance.
Great Bridge Christian Academy focuses on the introductory grades, K5-2nd, to provide the academic basics for all future learning.  The intense phonics approach from A Beka is the cornerstone of this academic development. This approach to reading is proven to increase reading ability. Success in reading translates to success across all academic spectra. Each student is graded in phonics through all three years of early childhood learning, grades K5-2nd. Students also begin reading groups in kindergarten and continue them through second grade. We realize that all students do not learn to read at the same moment in time, but we find that the A Beka phonics program meets the educational needs of the overwhelming majority of our pupils.
Grades 6-8th are a time of considerable transition and change. As the bridge between childhood and adulthood – physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually –there is much at stake.  Great Bridge Christian Academy’s middle school faculty and staff understand the pressures of these years and create a safe, loving environment where each child can grow in grace, wisdom and truth (Luke 2:52).
Today, in the wake of alarming trends in public schools, parents are becoming increasingly concerned about their children’s education. Many years ago we decided to address this situation and began the Great Bridge Christian Academy.  The High School at GBCA has one central GOAL.  This GOAL is to expose student’s Globally to brothers and sisters in Christ who are reaching lost souls, as mandated in the New Testament’s Great Commission.  In addition to sharing in these world-wide missions, the program provides Outreach opportunities for students to minister both spiritually and physically to our “neighbors” in Chesapeake, as demonstrated by Jesus and His disciples. To promote school spirit, class unity, and positive, clean fun, numerous Activities throughout the school year.  To allow our students to use their God given talents for His glory, Leadership options will be presented so students can excel in their service at GBCA.

Our Mission & Vision

It is the firm conviction of Great Bridge Christian Academy that in order to develop solid Christian character, education must be Christian in context. Great Bridge Christian Academy desires to send young people into the world who will be confident, devout, Christian leaders with firm moral and spiritual values by training children not only how to make a living, but more importantly – how to live it! Since the Christian school is considered an extension of the Christian home, it is imperative that parents create an atmosphere at home that is supportive of the Academy and its goals. Children are taught to honor the rights of others and to respect manners, rules, and laws at the Academy. Students learn the importance of self-discipline and that people who cannot control their own actions and emotions will face negative consequences.

Love of God and country were primary concerns of our forefathers. Students at GBCA will be taught respect for our nation’s heritage, constitution, flag, and leaders, as well as, being encouraged to participate in our system of government.

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700 Mt. Pleasant Rd. Chesapeake, VA 23322

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M-F: 7am – 6:00pm Weekends: Closed

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(757) 482-4688

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Location: 700 Mt. Pleasant Rd. Chesapeake, VA 23322

Telephone: (757) 482-4688

Academy Email: admissions@greatbridgefwb.com

ECD Email: admissionsecd@greatbridgefwb.com

School Hours: M-F: 7am – 6:30pm

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Great Bridge Christian Academy has attained full accreditation through the National Association of Private Schools. GBCA is also a member of the Association of Christian Schools International. We are working through the process of becoming fully accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International.





What Parents are Saying

“A great place to be. Love and smiles around every corner.”

-Lawanda Harper

“We have found an amazing school for our kids to grow in God’s word! I love that they come home seeking his praises.. it’s nice to know our children are being well cared for and loved while we work!!”

-Brie Justiniani

Amazing, friendly, great Godly atmosphere..highly recommend.

-Lori Kaliher

“We’re forever grateful for this wonderful school. I hope they prosper 10-fold to what they’ve given to the community.”

-Jessica Eturralde

My daughter has attended GBCA since k3, and she just now entered the 4th grade. This school has been one of the biggest blessings of my daughter’s life. She has succeeded and flourished in her academic path, and also most importantly in her spiritual path.

-Sherrie Toler

My kids have grown so much being a part of the GCBA family. Not only have they grown spiritually through the teachings of the Bible but also in their education. So blessed to be part of this amazing institution!

-Jose Aguilar

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700 Mt. Pleasant Rd. Chesapeake, VA 23322


School Hours M-F: 7am - 6:00pm | Summer Hours: Tues-Thurs: 9am - 2pm | | Weekends: Closed

(757) 482-4688

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